Prep. Sort. Pack. Settle.

Organize your home, so it works for you.

 I’ll help get you to a good space.

It’s overwhelming to think about getting your home in order.

You know that clutter reduces value, increases stress

and creates inefficiency. Where do you begin?

 I can help.

I contacted Sarah to have her help me with organizing my entire home, from top to bottom. She was enthusiastic and upbeat every day, but always calm. Sarah worked tirelessly, taking no breaks, helping me sort and purge… Every day, a huge, positive change would take place. I can’t thank her enough for bringing calm and order to my home and my life. She worked with my daughter, as well, and was able to get her to organize her art supplies without any tears. Sarah is very pleasant, kind, and lovely to work with — and never judgmental, which makes sorting through all of this *stuff* somehow not so bad. I will be contacting her for more projects as they come up.

Hajar D., Newton MA

What an amazing stroke of luck it was to find Sarah and Moving Simply as I was getting ready to purge, pack, and move from my home of 20+ years!  I am 100% clear that this incredible accomplishment would NOT have happened without Sarah’s expertise, guidance, encouragement, and patience. It was literally the best money I spent in 20 years. The job got done. Sarah not only knows what she’s doing with respect to sorting household items and getting rid of what needs to go, she was also amazingly in tune with the emotional process I was going through which was keeping me from getting the job done. And that made at least half the difference between success and failure.

Scott U., Boston, MA