About Sarah

Hi! I’m Sarah Solomon.  I’m an organizer and “jill-of-all trades” working in and around Boston. I have moved nearly 25 times in my life, and I’ve never met a room I can’t pack. I thrive on making order out of challenging situations, and I take pride in doing it with warmth and understanding.

My background is eclectic – to say the least! – and every venture has enriched my experience and made me more well-rounded than the last. I’ve worked in large offices, and learned that efficiency maximizes time. In mental health facilities,  I learned to use patience and empathy in the most challenging of environments. Working in restaurants required real endurance and taught me how to thrive under pressure. My work with young children and pets taught me the importance of consistent gentleness and kindness, no matter what kind of day I was having. I strive to make others feel at ease, find perspective, and see humor in the every day, especially when tension builds.

I really enjoy helping other people find ways to organize their spaces – I’ve spent decades perfecting my own methods. I love working with creative and interesting “big picture” people for whom organization just may not be their thing, helping them smooth out the small stuff so they can focus on what they do best. I find immense satisfaction in the details, the behind-the-scenes tasks — stuff most people find incredibly tedious. I also genuinely enjoy assembling IKEA furniture, so my idea of a good time is definitely…offbeat.

I specialize in whole-house moves and downsizing, helping those who have lived in their homes for 20-40+ years figure out what to do with all of their “stuff.” It can often be a stressful and emotional experience to let go of belongings and memories, and I try to ease the burden to the best of my abilities while making real strides on such a giant project.

Having worked extensively with real estate brokers and professional home stagers, I am acutely aware of what a home needs to show at its best. I’ve organized and packed homes of all sizes – prepping them for staging, photography, and open houses. With an eye for design and meticulous attention to detail, I’m able to organize and declutter homes so buyers can see the value the way the homeowners do.

I have spent a record six (!) hours on one IKEA trip, and I love hunting for treasures in thrift shops. I’m also a devoted animal lover — I currently live with four pets in my home. On weekends you can find me at the dog park with my hound rescue, Ruby, or working diligently on my own home improvement projects.

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Photo credit: Max Flatow Photography