For Brokers & Stagers

In a survey of 500 real estate agents, cleaning and decluttering provided the best return on investment of any home improvement.


brokers —

Have you ever walked into a client’s home before it goes on the market and thought, “How will this ever be ready in time?” As a real estate professional, you know how stressful it can be for both broker and homeowner to get a space adequately prepared for an open house. Clients lead busy lives, and they just don’t have the time or emotional capacity to declutter in order to display their house properly. They may not realize the extreme degree of tidying needed to allow you to command top dollar, or are just “home blind” after living there comfortably for decades.


Truthfully, no broker has the time and energy to single-handedly clean out and ready every home they sell, no matter how “hands on” or dedicated they may be.


I do the work for you, helping your clients eliminate clutter so stagers can do their thing and potential buyers can better see the value. And helping them pre-pack means a “no delay” closing process – they’re more easily able to box up what’s left and move out by the deadline.


Most homeowners aren’t aware of what it takes to put on an open house – the details, the behind-the-scenes work, the “industry secrets”. Sellers often need some insight on the small but important stuff – putting away toothbrushes, having a set of “show” towels only used for staging, etc. It may be difficult for them to step back and see their space from the eyes of a potential buyer.


I teach the client how to live in their home while it’s on the market, and how to quickly prepare for last-minute showings. I work with the home stagers to provide them with a brief checklist to use before every open house, to ensure it looks as pristine as the first time – all without feeling like a stranger in their own space.


As a real estate broker, you are the primary liaison for your seller. They rely on you for guidance, to show them the best way to maximize profits on the sale of their home. Recommending me to prepare the house alleviates unnecessary stress during the whole process, and leaves you to focus on selling the property. Including my services as part of your selling package will get your listings on the market faster and in better shape than you may have thought possible. The payoff is evident – in quick home sales, happier, more relaxed clients, and more satisfied buyers.

And stagers —

Have you ever toured a lived-in residence, excited to start the staging process – but your vision was blocked by piles of stuff? You probably left the owner with some homework and a plan to come back in a week or two when they’ve cleared out key areas. More often than not, you return ready to stage – only to find that the house isn’t “stage-in ready” yet. It slows down the timeline, frustrates the broker and homeowner, and adds stress to an already time sensitive and emotional process for everyone.


I can assist you by working with the client to clear their home so you’re able to move furniture and stage freely, without tripping over their belongings. I can advise them how to live in their staged home while it’s on the market, and how to maintain it so it can be shown at a moment’s notice, using photos of your staging and a simple checklist. I help with the “pre-staging” details so you’re able to stay focused on the design, and not the clutter.


Let’s work together to provide the best experience possible for your client, and get the most out of their home.