Decluttering and Pre-Packing

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Eighty-four percent of recently stressed Americans say they worry that their home isn’t clean or organized enough.

– Huffington Post

Your real estate broker or home stager has toured your home and given you some recommendations about what to do before listing.  Maybe “clean up the cabinets and closets” or “remove that extra side table.”

Where do you start?

Could you use some assistance in turning your well-loved, lived-in home into a clean and tidy showstopper?


A specialized Approach

Decluttering and organizing a home for the market uses a different method than typical personal organizing. Your home should look beautiful, of course. But it should also function well, allowing you to go about your daily life with minimal efforts to keep it neat and presentable.

You will be ready in an instant if your broker calls for a last minute showing or an open house. You’ll easily put out of sight what you need every day, without stuffing closets. You’ll know what to wipe clean, what to remove in a hurry, and where to put items for a perfectly displayed home — then return to normal in minutes.

Last minute cleaning, without the chaos!

You know what your home is worth.
Let others see the true value for themselves.

Your investment in decluttering has immediate payoffs as buyers (and even your broker!) are impressed by the transformed space.


A Jump on Your Next Move

Emptying your closets and tidying your pantry will not just help make your house more desirable, it will give you a head start on the packing process. With half the work done already, you’ll be in great shape to wrap up your remaining items before moving day.

Let me lighten the load, both physically and mentally, so you can breathe a sigh of relief during a challenging and stressful time. You will be amazed at the difference in how you feel, and you will not regret it.

And once you’re ready, I’ll be back to assist with the rest of the sorting and packing…