Estate Organizing

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It’s overwhelming to even contemplate a move. You may have many years and a wealth of memories that are built around your family and your home. Making a life change is always difficult, but may seem even more so at this time in your life.

-Era Living

Managing the estate of a loved one who is moving to an assisted living facility or who has passed on is often an enormous responsibility. Family members may live out of state, have a lot on their own plates, or just be overwhelmed by the emotional and time-consuming job at hand. Clearing out a home that’s been well-lived and well-loved for many decades is never easy. It can become nearly impossible during trying times.


Allow me to take over the task, sorting valuable items or those of sentimental value from things to be donated or disposed of.  It will help you to concentrate on the needs of your family during this stressful time, instead of the minutia.


Transitioning from a long term home has many challenges. Let me focus on the details of sorting and packing with care, to alleviate this burden when you need it the most.