Between the clutter, endless to-do lists, and all the shifting timelines and logistics, moving can be such a stressful time. But even in the most chaotic moments, Sarah was calm, strategic, and smoothly managed every step from start to finish. She is an absolute godsend — I can’t recommend her highly enough!

Catherine R., Cambridge MA

Sarah has a great eye. She’s decisive, which really helps those with a lot of “stuff” they like to hold onto. (ie “packrats”) She helped me sort things into groups, put up shelving, and pack things securely that I wanted away, until the house sold. I couldn’t have done it without her. She’s a gem.

Kathy M., Western MA

What an amazing stroke of luck it was to find Sarah and Moving Simply as I was getting ready to purge, pack, and move from my home of 20+ years!  I am 100% clear that this incredible accomplishment would NOT have happened without Sarah’s expertise, guidance, encouragement, and patience. It was literally the best money I spent in 20 years. The job got done. Sarah not only knows what she’s doing with respect to sorting household items and getting rid of what needs to go, she was also amazingly in tune with the emotional process I was going through which was keeping me from getting the job done. And that made at least half the difference between success and failure.

Scott U., Boston, MA

My wife and I were looking for a great organizer to help us out while moving. We were both hesitant at first, but after hiring Sarah, we honestly don’t know what we would have done without her. At first we didn’t think hiring an organizer would be necessary, but we completely underestimated everyone who referred us to her! Sarah was amazing, affordable, professional, and simply a pleasure to work with. She constantly made us feel at ease, and we were able to settle into our new home immediately after our move. She turned something that most people dread into something that was fun, inspiring, and most importantly – stress free! Not only is Sarah an amazing organizer, but she has an incredible way with children, as our two year old was very persistent in attempting to “help” her pack boxes (we should have paid her double for that). Moving and organizing your home is already a tough job, but throw in a toddler and a couple of pets, it’s almost impossible. Sarah streamlined the whole process, and we’re so thankful for that. I wouldn’t hesitate for a second to recommend her to anyone who’s moving or is in dire need of re-organizing their home!

Max F., Brooklyn, NY

We began working with Sarah Solomon in 2015 in anticipation of putting our house on the market in Spring 2016. Having lived in the house for 30 years with my husband who is a collector and very reticent to get rid of anything, we needed to address every room and closet. Sarah created an inventory of our artwork and collectables and then helped us dispose of books and other items to donate. She was a great help in organizing and packing, while being sensitive to the emotional attachment to some items and the care needed with packing valuables. What seemed like a daunting task to vacate a large house became doable by having Sarah involved. She has an easy going manner and upbeat personality and is willing to address any challenge. I would use her again, not only for big moves like ours, but for smaller de-cluttering projects as well. I learned through this process that our possessions can become a burden and it takes someone like Sarah to help organize, declutter and address areas that have been ignored.

I would recommend Sarah for any project — large or small.

Stephanie S., Brookline, MA

Sarah helped me pack up 15 years’ worth of accumulated household goods (in a large condo and a separate storage unit) for a move cross-country. She was very organized and a creative problem solver, willing to do everything and anything it took to get the job done, and a good strong schlepper. More importantly, she hit the sweet spot in terms of being a little ruthless in suggesting what could be thrown away, but also respectful of the weird stuff I wanted to keep. She also is very funny, which is refreshing and helpful during what can be a stressful process. Finally, she’s a great packer—not a single item was damaged in transit! I actually hadn’t been convinced of the value of hiring someone to do tasks that I had previously done myself, but now I wouldn’t do it any other way! I recommend her highly.

Deb P., Boston, MA

I only used Sarah once, when my wife threatened to divorce me unless I cleaned up my office.  It was a drastic measure to “prevent” a move from happening! She did a great job over two days, not only saving my marriage, but really helped me to find papers and other important things I’d completely forgotten about!

Daniel D., MA

I contacted Sarah to have her help me with organizing my entire home, from top to bottom. She was enthusiastic and upbeat every day, but always calm. Sarah worked tirelessly, taking no breaks, helping me sort and purge… Every day, a huge, positive change would take place. I can’t thank her enough for bringing calm and order to my home and my life. She worked with my daughter, as well, and was able to get her to organize her art supplies without any tears. Sarah is very pleasant, kind, and lovely to work with — and never judgmental, which makes sorting through all of this *stuff* somehow not so bad. I will be contacting her for more projects as they come up.

Hajar D., Newton MA