We began working with Sarah Solomon in 2015 in anticipation of putting our house on the market in Spring 2016. Having lived in the house for 30 years with my husband who is a collector and very reticent to get rid of anything, we needed to address every room and closet. Sarah created an inventory of our artwork and collectables and then helped us dispose of books and other items to donate. She was a great help in organizing and packing, while being sensitive to the emotional attachment to some items and the care needed with packing valuables. What seemed like a daunting task to vacate a large house became doable by having Sarah involved. She has an easy going manner and upbeat personality and is willing to address any challenge. I would use her again, not only for big moves like ours, but for smaller de-cluttering projects as well. I learned through this process that our possessions can become a burden and it takes someone like Sarah to help organize, declutter and address areas that have been ignored.

I would recommend Sarah for any project — large or small.

Stephanie S., Brookline, MA