Prep. Sort. Pack. Settle.

Organize your home, so it works for you.

 I’ll help get you to a good space.

It’s overwhelming to think about getting your home in order.

You know that clutter reduces value, increases stress

and creates inefficiency. Where do you begin?

 I can help.

Between the clutter, endless to-do lists, and all the shifting timelines and logistics, moving can be such a stressful time. But even in the most chaotic moments, Sarah was calm, strategic, and smoothly managed every step from start to finish. She is an absolute godsend — I can’t recommend her highly enough!

Catherine R., Cambridge, MA

Sarah has a great eye. She’s decisive, which really helps those with a lot of “stuff” they like to hold onto. (ie “packrats”) She helped me sort things into groups, put up shelving, and pack things securely that I wanted away, until the house sold. I couldn’t have done it without her. She’s a gem.

Kathy M., Western MA